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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Absolute Light Up
a more inventive puzzler than most, and should be considered by any fan of brain-teasers.
MOBILE Puzzle 8.2 19 Oct 2004
Hexcite Fusion
an interesting puzzle game because it calls upon spatial-reasoning skills that most people don't use very often.
MOBILE Puzzle 7.2 31 Dec 2004
Boulder Dash for Prizes
Boulder Dash was a good choice to include in the For Prizes pantheon.
MOBILE Action Puzzle 7.5 09 Mar 2005
Word Nerd
Whether you've got 30 seconds or a few minutes to play, an excellent distraction.
MOBILE Puzzle 7.7 31 Dec 2004
arrives on the DS with a variety of gameplay modes, touch screen functionality, and voice support. Using only one game card,..
DS Puzzle 7.8 21 Jun 2005
a unique puzzle game for the PSP. You can play as "Mr. Esc," a professional rescuer, and help people escape from a ..
PSP Puzzle 8.0 14 Feb 2006
Bejeweled 2 Deluxe
The classic puzzle game comes to the Xbox 360 with a variety of modes, special effects, and gems. As in previous versions, c..
X360 Matching Puzzle 7.0 22 Nov 2005
Dr. Mario / Puzzle League
This is a combination cart that contains both Dr. Mario and Puzzle League.
GBA Matching Puzzle 8.0 28 Nov 2005
Tower Bloxx
Build your city by building towers in this puzzle game with a slight SimCity twist from Digital Chocolate.
MOBILE Puzzle 7.2 01 Dec 2005
This PC puzzle game is coming to the Xbox 360 via the Xbox Live Arcade.
X360 Puzzle 7.5 22 Mar 2006
Boulder Dash-XL
This tricky, action puzzle and dexterity game made its debut in the early '80s and has continued to fascinate its enormo..
X360 Action Puzzle 7.0 13 Jul 2011
5 Spots II
5 Spot II presents you with two versions of the same picture, your challenge is to find the five things that are different be..
PC Puzzle 7.3 14 Mar 2005
Betty's Beer Bar
In Betty's Beer Bar, you play as Betty, a small-town gal looking to make her fortune selling suds to a wide variety of c..
PC Puzzle 7.2 19 Oct 2004
Bookworm Deluxe
This puzzle game has you stringing together as many words as possible from a screen of jumbled letter tiles. The bigger the w..
PC Puzzle 7.2 15 Mar 2006
Magic Ball 2: New Worlds
Magic Ball 2 offers a pseudo-3D translation of the classic Atari game, Breakout. In this game, you slide a crossbow-shaped bu..
PC Puzzle 7.1 30 Dec 2004
Cubis Gold 2
Match multicolored gelatin-like cubes in rows or columns of three in .
PC Puzzle 7.0 09 Feb 2005
Mega Flexicon
Solve multiple interconnected crossword puzzles in .
PC Puzzle 7.4 31 Dec 2004
Flip Words
combines the challenge of the game show Wheel of Fortune, the board game Boggle, and the schoolyard classic, Hangman.
PC Puzzle 7.5 30 Dec 2005
Panda Craze
Play as a panda and must clear each of the game's levels by collecting all of the lanterns.
PC Puzzle 7.2 31 Dec 2004
Mercury Meltdown Remix
Take control of a liquid mercury blob, guiding it around traps, door switches, spikes, moving floors and other hazardous elem..
PS2 Puzzle 7.2 04 Dec 2006

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