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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Duke Nukem Mobile 3D
Duke looks phenomenally good and packs the some of the most frenetic firefights on mobile into its 21 short levels.
MOBILE Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 8.2 31 Dec 2004
Quake III Revolution
makes do with what it has to work with and manages to put on a pretty good show.
PS2 Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 7.7 26 Mar 2001
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
Playing this violent masterpiece - with its flashy arsenal of weapons and lifelike cretins - is a technically arresting adven..
PC Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 7.0 30 Nov 1997
Serious Sam
The Xbox version retains the original games' off-the-chart intensity levels, and --which was always an arcade game at he..
XBOX Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 8.5 10 Nov 2002
Area 51
A viral outbreak has shut down one of the US government's most secret and secure military facilities and all scientific ..
PS2 Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 7.2 25 Apr 2005
Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri C
onflict enhances both single and multiplayer gameplay, including all-new player acrobatics, third-person camera mode, vehicle..
XBOX Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 9.0 18 Apr 2005
Bionicle Heroes
by the developers of LEGO Star Wars, brings more LEGO adventures to game consoles.
DS Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 7.7 14 Nov 2006
BioShock 2: Minerva's Den
Minerva's Den is a single-player-focused downloadable add-on for BioShock 2 that introduces new characters, locations, a..
PS3 Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 8.5 31 Aug 2010
Quake II
While you may not remain interested in the single-player mission to see it to its completion, the four-player multiplayer in ..
PS Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 7.6 30 Sep 1999
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
Turok is more than just another Doom clone.
N64 Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 8.1 28 Feb 1997
Quake II Mission Pack: Ground Zero
Quake II is a year old, but the new weapons and power-ups make the game interesting again.
PC Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 7.9 31 Aug 1998
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Jedi Academy is a nonstop action ride that starts out on a high point and manages to remain there for the entire game.
XBOX Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 8.1 19 Nov 2003
The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape Fr
It's easily one of the most-impressive games on the Xbox and seems destined to be remembered as the most inspiring colla..
XBOX Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 9.3 01 Jun 2004
TimeSplitters: Future Perfect
In humanity is on the brink of destruction by the evil TimeSplitters. With the help of some familiar faces, Cortez--the tough..
PS2 Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 8.1 21 Mar 2005
Turok: Evolution
It's formulaic but done well enough, so if you're into the previous installments or looking for another first-perso..
XBOX Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 7.3 31 Aug 2002
Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion
Shadow of Oblivion is successful because it concentrates upon what made the Turok franchise a best-seller instead of attempti..
N64 Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 7.9 30 Aug 2000
Turok: Evolution
It's more of the same, but the rehash is executed well enough that it should prove entertaining to fans of the series.
PS2 Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 7.0 31 Aug 2002
Unreal II: The Awakening Special Edi
The new XMP mode isn't all that original, but it offers a solid multiplayer gameplay experience.
PC Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 7.9 18 Dec 2003
Despite a few minor alterations from the PC version, this handheld port contains the same gory gameplay that helped its ances..
GBA Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 7.9 28 Oct 2001
TimeSplitters: Future Perfect
In humanity is on the brink of destruction by the evil TimeSplitters. With the help of some familiar faces, Cortez--the tough..
GC Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 7.6 21 Mar 2005

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