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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Suikoden Tactics
a strategy role-playing spin-off from Suikoden IV.
PS2 Fantasy Turn-Based Strategy 7.6 08 Nov 2005
PixelJunk Monsters
an RTS game in which you build up your defenses to protect your base against threatening monsters.
PS3 Real-Time Strategy 7.5 24 Jan 2008
Greed Corp
The first in a series of games based in the rich Mistbound universe, takes place in a world of feudal warfare ravaged by ind..
PS3 Modern Turn-Based Strategy 8.0 25 Feb 2010
Sid Meier's Antietam!
It offers no dramatic graphics overhaul or drastic redesign - just a new setting, new subject matter, and more of the same gr..
PC Strategy 8.5 01 Dec 1999
Earth 2150
's graphics are good, but ultimately it's the gameplay that will keep you coming back for more.
PC Sci-Fi Real-Time Strategy 8.1 12 Jun 2000
Hundred Swords
The game's unique style and epic story, along with its low retail price, make it worth checking out for anyone looking t..
PC Real-Time Strategy 7.1 04 Feb 2002
Tradewinds 2
a strategy game in which players collect loot, plunder ships, and engage in battles on land and at sea.
PC Business Strategy 7.2 05 Apr 2005
The bottom line is that you won't find anything extremely tantalizing about but it does offer some fun gameplay at a mor..
PC Strategy 7.5 30 Sep 1998
Dark Reign Expansion: Rise of the Sh
Rise of the Shadowhand accomplishes the challenging feat of significantly improving one of last year's best and most com..
PC Sci-Fi Real-Time Strategy 8.7 31 Mar 1998
Experience and customize your own amusement park in .
PS2 Strategy 7.6 21 Nov 2006
Experience and customize your own amusement park in .
XBOX Strategy 7.7 21 Nov 2006
Soldiers at War
If you're not looking for a time-intensive, stat-heavy WWII experience, then definitely worth a spin.
PC Strategy 8.0 30 Apr 1998
Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games
The big news is that the game now includes multiplayer options.
PC Modern Turn-Based Strategy 7.6 31 Aug 1996
Kartia: The Word of Fate
Kartia's a game with substance and style, one that wins you over without resorting to flashy pyrotechnics or cheap gimmi..
PS Fantasy Turn-Based Strategy 7.7 31 Jul 1998
the turn-based sequel to Massive Assault and features increased gameplay options and all new strategic challenges.
PC Sci-Fi Turn-Based Strategy 7.1 03 Mar 2005
Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes
an action strategy game where you can command hundreds of soldiers. You also have spells, golems, and catapults at your dispo..
XBOX Real-Time Strategy 8.2 20 Sep 2005
Shattered Union
In you can try to reunify the United States after a tragic series of events leaves it shattered into a half-dozen nation-stat..
PC Historic Turn-Based Strategy 7.9 17 Oct 2005
Thrillville: Off the Rails
Build, create, and experience the theme park of your dreams in .
PS2 Strategy 7.5 09 Oct 2007
Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers
the sequel to Pandemic's modern war game, which allows players to lead mechanized infantry units and engage in multiplay..
PC Real-Time Strategy 7.3 04 Apr 2006
The Movies: Stunts & Effects
an expansion pack that adds stunt men and stunts to the game, as well as new visual effects, props, sets, costumes and more.
PC Business Strategy 7.7 06 Jun 2006

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