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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Dark Summit
There's nothing that really makes particularly impressive, but it's a good game that's certainly worthy of a ..
PS2 Snowboarding 7.8 26 Nov 2001
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2
The GBA version of makes no compromises in re-creating the experience of its console cousins.
GBA Biking 9.2 25 Nov 2001
Despite a few minor alterations from the PC version, this handheld port contains the same gory gameplay that helped its ances..
GBA Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 7.9 28 Oct 2001
Dragon Warrior III
DWIII is a worthy port of its old NES ancestor, but its firm grounding in the RPG old-school means that only the hard-core ne..
GBC Role-Playing 7.6 16 Jul 2001
Dance Dance Revolution
a great introduction to a truly unique series with incredibly addictive gameplay and a soundtrack that will have you humming ..
PS Rhythm / Dancing 8.3 09 May 2001
Dr. Mario 64
Dr. Mario is a legitimate and satisfying puzzle game that is executed rather nicely in this four-player-focused package.
N64 Matching Puzzle 7.0 08 Apr 2001
Driving Emotion Type-S
The game still falls well short of the level of Gran Turismo, but thanks to friendlier controls and improved handling, the US..
PS2 GT / Street Racing 7.3 29 Jan 2001
Dino Crisis
fails to take advantage of the Dreamcast hardware, resulting in a game that is structurally sound but visually average by Dr..
DC Horror Action Adventure 7.1 14 Nov 2000
Disney's The Emperor's New Groove
Flaws aside, Disney's The Emperor's New Groove gets much more right than it does wrong.
PS Action 7.5 13 Nov 2000
Donkey Kong Country
one of the most playable and replayable Game Boy Color games ever created.
GBC 2D Platformer 9.1 04 Nov 2000
Dynasty Warriors 2
's beat-'em-up gameplay is simple enough to make it easy to get in to, and the game is interesting enough to keep y..
PS2 Beat-Em-Up 7.8 25 Oct 2000
Demolition Racer: No Exit
Infogrames has lifted a formerly average game on the PlayStation to greatness on the Dreamcast.
DC Demolition Derby 7.8 23 Oct 2000
Death Track Racing
The game is nearly as much fun as its predecessor, Rollcage.
PC Futuristic Racing 7.0 19 Oct 2000
Dragon Warrior I & II
Dragon Warrior may seem like just an appetizer for the full-featured RPG experience in Dragon Warrior II, but the ability to ..
GBC Compilation 9.6 27 Sep 2000
Destruction Derby Raw
Destruction Derby stands alone as the premier demolition racing series on the PlayStation.
PS Demolition Derby 7.5 26 Sep 2000
Demolition Racer
The frequent collisions throughout the game are sometimes nothing short of spectacular.
PC Demolition Derby 7.8 12 Sep 2000
Kemco transforms a reviled PC game into a highly playable Game Boy Color game.
GBC Action Role-Playing 7.0 30 Jun 2000
Driver: You are the Wheelman
Driving around is fun and exciting, the levels are varied, and the side games really do improve your skill within the main ga..
GBC Mission-based Driving 7.4 01 Apr 2000
Dead or Alive 2
the hardest-hitting game in town.
DC 3D Fighting 9.1 29 Feb 2000
Deer Hunter 3 Gold
easily the best choice for a realistic hunting experience on the PC.
PC Sports 7.7 29 Feb 2000

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