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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm
It's the kind of game that titles like Eidos' Deathtrap Dungeon and Universal's Xena: Warrior Princess should ..
DC Fantasy Action Adventure 8.2 28 Feb 2000
Dragon Warrior Monsters
If you've already "caught 'em all," and you're looking for a game to tide you over until Pokemon Gol..
GBC Role-Playing 8.7 01 Jan 2000
Disney/Pixar Toy Story 2: Buzz Light
Whether you've seen the movie or not, Toy Story 2, as a game, stands on its own
PS Action 7.1 30 Nov 1999
Deer Hunt Challenge
one hunting sim that fans will want to add to their collection.
PC Hunting 7.5 21 Oct 1999
Disciples: Sacred Lands
It successfully combines various turn-based strategy and role-playing elements from existing games to create an enjoyable, sa..
PC Strategy 8.3 31 Aug 1999
a game that might be mediocre in its presentation but more than makes up for it in its gameplay and concept.
PS Mission-based Driving 7.7 30 Jun 1999
The biggest problems are its level of challenge and puny replay incentive.
PS Action 7.0 31 Jan 1999
Duke Nukem: Time to Kill
places our boy in a Tomb Raider-style world, where players control him from a behind-the-back perspective as he runs, jumps, ..
PS Sci-Fi Shooter 7.5 30 Sep 1998
Deep Fear
If you really want to play this game you should definitely pick up the import.
SAT Horror Action Adventure 7.8 30 Jun 1998
Dark Reign Expansion: Rise of the Sh
Rise of the Shadowhand accomplishes the challenging feat of significantly improving one of last year's best and most com..
PC Sci-Fi Real-Time Strategy 8.7 31 Mar 1998
Dead or Alive
Combining fantastic graphics and above-average gameplay, a fun and challenging fighting game well worth picking up.
PS 3D Fighting 7.3 31 Mar 1998
Blizzard's winner of GameSpot's PC Game of the Year for 1996, has finally made it onto the PlayStation.
PS Action Role-Playing 8.3 22 Jan 1998
Duke Nukem 64
It's a fun shoot-'em up whomever you're shooting.
N64 Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 7.3 31 Oct 1997
Dynasty Warriors
All weapon-based and contains no punches or kicks.
PS 3D Fighting 7.2 30 Jun 1997
Dungeon Keeper
A rich strategy game that is both intuitive and challenging, both innovative and polished.
PC Real-Time Strategy 9.0 26 Jun 1997
Darklight Conflict
It plays wonderfully, looks absolutely fantastic, and serves up hours upon hours of wicked deep space warfare.
PC Space Combat Sim 7.9 31 Mar 1997
Die Hard Trilogy
Like the movies, it will provide you with hours of edge-of-your-seat entertainment.
PC Action 7.1 31 Dec 1996
Dragon Force
one of those rare games that demands countless hours of attention.
SAT Strategy 9.1 30 Nov 1996
Despite 's lack of ambition, first-person shooter fans will enjoy its fast-paced action.
PS Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 7.0 30 Nov 1996
Destruction Derby 2
All things considered, would be more fun if it were a bit easier to play. Even so, it blows the doors off the original.
PS Demolition Derby 7.0 31 Oct 1996

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