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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Life Goes On Review
Life Goes On is a comically-morbid platform game where you guide heroic knights to their demis..
PC 2D 0.0 16 Apr 2014
Lego The Hobbit Review
LEGO The Hobbit will be based on the first two films of The Hobbit Trilogy, The Hobbit: An Une..
PS3 3D 0.0 08 Apr 2014
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XII
I incorporates a brand-new story, world, characters and an enhanced gameplay system and is the final c..
X360 Role-Playing 0.0 11 Feb 2014
Loadout Review
Loadout is a new "Free-2-Play" take on fast-paced, multiplayer shooters. ..
PC 3D 0.0 31 Jan 2014
Luftrausers Review
Luftrausers is an arcade-style aerial combat shooter where ace pilots will be able to customiz..
PC Action 0.0 31 Dec 2013
a 3D puzzle game in which you have been taken prisoner by the last vengeful Queen of the Faeries.
PC Puzzle 8.0 04 Apr 2012
Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing
The first downloadable add-on for L4D2 features a new campaign, a few new items, and the Mutations mode which features weekly..
X360 Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 7.5 22 Apr 2010
Lazy Raiders
X360 Action 7.5 24 Feb 2010
Little Big Planet is both a multiplayer platformer and a community-based toolset that lets you build your own levels to share..
PSP 3D Platformer 8.0 17 Nov 2009
LEGO Rock Band
Rock Band makes its way into the Lego universe in Lego Rock Band.
X360 Rhythm / Music 7.5 03 Nov 2009
Let's TAP
Let's Tap features five tapping games that can be played with up to four friends.
WII Party 7.0 12 Jun 2009
Lode Runner
The classic run-and-dig platformer comes to Xbox Live.
X360 2D Platformer 8.0 22 Apr 2009
WII Action Puzzle 7.5 09 Feb 2009
Lumines Supernova
Lumines makes its way to the PlayStation Network and features several gameplay modes including Dig Down, Sequencer, and Puzzl..
PS3 Matching Puzzle 8.0 23 Dec 2008
Line Rider 2: Unbound
Line Rider lets you draw lines and construct tracks for a virtual sledder to zip along... until he wipes out.
DS Action Puzzle 7.0 16 Sep 2008
Lock's Quest
Design forts and defend your seaside village from swarms of invading minions in this arcadey strategy game.
DS Historic Real-Time Strategy 8.0 08 Sep 2008
LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adv
Build, battle, and brawl your way through favorite cinematic moments in Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures.
DS Historic Action Adventure 7.0 03 Jun 2008
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colon
Lost Planet: Colonies is a revamped version of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition that features new single and multiplayer modes.
X360 Sci-Fi Shooter 7.5 27 May 2008
Lost Cities
a card game in which players endeavor to amass points during expeditions through lost cities.
X360 Board 8.0 23 Apr 2008
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
In Lost Planet you control both your human player and a mech unit, in a fight against alien bugs on a cold desolate planet.
PS3 Sci-Fi Shooter 7.0 26 Feb 2008

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