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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Violett Review
Violett is a vibrant point-and-click adventure that will bend your mind.
PC Adventure 0.0 13 Dec 2013
Vector Review
Vector is an exciting, arcade-style game featuring you as the exceptional free runner who won’t be h..
PC Action 0.0 14 Feb 2013
Viva Pinata
lets you control a variety of living pinata species in an ever-changing garden environment.
PC Virtual Life 7.5 06 Nov 2007
Virtua Fighter 5 Online
Sega continues its Virtua Fighter line in this latest installment.
X360 3D Fighting 8.5 30 Oct 2007
Virtua Tennis 3
Once again, Sega serves up a winner with .
X360 Tennis 8.4 20 Mar 2007
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
Vanguard, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in a fantasy world, is the first product from a development te..
PC Fantasy Online Role-Playing 7.5 30 Jan 2007
Virtua Tennis: World Tour
the PSP incarnation of Sega's Virtua Tennis series. You can play as one of many professional tennis players, such as Rog..
PSP Tennis 8.2 07 Oct 2005
Viewtiful Joe 2
A few additions to an already proven formula make another great and quirky action game.
GC Beat-Em-Up 8.6 18 Nov 2004
Vendetta Online
's modest production budget is sometimes unkindly evident, yet it offers a reasonably effective mix of space-based tradi..
PC Sci-Fi Online Role-Playing 7.1 04 Nov 2004
Viewtiful Joe
deftly delivers a fantastic cel-shaded look while also adding a really great series of unique gameplay twists that make it m..
PS2 Beat-Em-Up 8.8 24 Aug 2004
Vietcong: Fist Alpha
Fist Alpha offers more of the intense and suspenseful single-player and multiplayer action that made Vietcong the respectable..
PC Historic First-Person Shooter 7.4 04 Feb 2004
Voodoo Vince
adds an interesting twist to the regular platform game formula, and it's definitely worth at least a look.
XBOX 3D Platformer 7.8 23 Sep 2003
Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution
This highly technical, complex yet accessible, genuinely entertaining fighting game should belong to anyone with any interest..
PS2 3D Fighting 9.2 13 Aug 2003
Virtua Tennis
more than lives up to its namesake and does an ample job of compacting Sega's Tennis 2K2 into a portable format.
GBA Tennis 8.7 08 Oct 2002
V-Rally 3
With its incredible graphics, convincing handling, and satisfying challenge, for the Game Boy Advance is a very solid racing..
GBA Rally / Offroad Racing 8.2 30 Sep 2002
Vampire Night
What lacks in innovation, it makes up for with top-of-the-line production value, a challenging level of difficulty, and abov..
PS2 Light Gun Shooter 8.1 14 Nov 2001
Victorious Boxers: Ippo's Road to Gl
Victorious Boxers is the most technically accurate interpretation of the sport of boxing ever made.
PS2 Boxing 8.5 05 Nov 2001
It's very easy to dismiss it as "yet another weird Japanese music game," but in some ways, it comes across as ..
PS Rhythm / Music 7.0 01 Sep 2000
Vampire Chronicle
Those who've played any game in the Darkstalkers series will feel right at home with s.
DC 2D Fighting 7.3 10 Aug 2000
Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram
In the end, one of the most visually impressive Dreamcast games yet, alongside Soul Calibur and Shenmue.
DC 3D Fighting 8.1 01 Jun 2000

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