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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Zombie Apocalypse
Play as a heavily equipped gunslinger and destroy as many zombies as you can while trying to save any remaining survivors.
PS3 Shoot-Em-Up 7.5 24 Sep 2009
ZEN Pinball
the first pinball game to debut on the PlayStation Network and features local, online, and worldwide tournament multiplayer.
PS3 Pinball 8.5 14 May 2009
a rhythm action game set in the world of Zubalon where players try to help out the colorful inhabitants through music-based c..
DS Rhythm / Music 7.5 10 Mar 2009
Zen Bound
a masterpiece, and it couldn't have worked on any other platform.
IP Logic Puzzle 9.0 09 Mar 2009
Zuma Deluxe
Realize your dreams of becoming a multicolored-ball-spitting stone frog in a simple but fun Xbox Live Arcade action puzzle ga..
X360 Puzzle 7.2 22 Nov 2005
Zoo Keeper
In for the DS, you can see if you have what it takes to take care of all the animals in a zoo. Maintain an orderly zoo by us..
DS Puzzle 7.8 18 Jan 2005
a thoroughly entertaining puzzle game that can be quite a bit of fun for anyone able to grasp its three-dimensional nature.
GC Puzzle 7.3 05 May 2002
Zoo Tycoon
a mostly enjoyable strategy game that's suitable for all ages, and it's a game that parents can play with their chi..
PC Business Strategy 7.1 02 Nov 2001
Zork Grand Inquisitor
Grand Inquisitor is the best graphical Zork yet, and one of the most consistently entertaining adventures of the year.
PC Adventure 8.0 31 Oct 1997
Zork Nemesis
While may be too graphic and intense for children, adults who loved Myst or Phantasmagoria will find a lot to like about thi..
PC Adventure 7.9 29 Feb 1996

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