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Title Platform Genre Score Date
NES Remix 2 Review
Take on rapid-fire challenges from classic NES games remixed with mind-bending twists. ..
WII Miscellaneous 0.0 25 Apr 2014
Demon Gaze Review
Demon Gaze is a dungeon-crawling RPG where you play as the main character Oz and explore 3D du..
PS3 Role-Playing 0.0 22 Apr 2014
Fract OSC Review
FRACT is a first-person puzzle game.
PC Puzzle 0.0 22 Apr 2014
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a third-person action-adventure video game that builds on the stor..
PS3 Action 0.0 17 Apr 2014
Life Goes On Review
Life Goes On is a comically-morbid platform game where you guide heroic knights to their demis..
PC 2D 0.0 16 Apr 2014
Trials Fusion Review
Trials Fusion melds the classic, proven Trials formula of simple yet addictive competition wit..
PS3 Arcade 0.0 15 Apr 2014
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Review
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil brings Rio de Janeiro to your living room. ..
X360 Simulation 0.0 15 Apr 2014
Moebius: Empire Rising Review
Moebius: Empire Rising is a contemporary adventure that merges classic point-and-click puzzle ..
PC Adventure 0.0 15 Apr 2014
Lego The Hobbit Review
LEGO The Hobbit will be based on the first two films of The Hobbit Trilogy, The Hobbit: An Une..
PS3 3D 0.0 08 Apr 2014
Bound By Flame Review
Bound by Flame is an action role-playing game that lets you play as a mercenary posessed by a ..
PC Action 0.0 08 Apr 2014
Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming
Find a quest, level up, equip some loot, and slay the Evil Lord, all in half a minute! ..
PC Action 0.0 04 Apr 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online Review
The Elder Scrolls Online will be the first Elder Scrolls game to allow gamers to explore the E..
PC MMO 0.0 04 Apr 2014
MLB 14: The Show Review
MLB 14 The Show is a realistic baseball game that lets you feel the MLB experience with moment..
PS3 Baseball 0.0 01 Apr 2014
Age of Wonders III Review
Age of Wonders III marks a modern reimagining of the series, where you join a clash of kings, ..
PC Strategy 0.0 31 Mar 2014
Smite Review
SMITE is a free-to-play online battleground between gods.
PC MOBA 0.0 25 Mar 2014
Escape Goat 2 Review
Escape Goat 2 is a goat-based puzzle platformer.
PC Action 0.0 24 Mar 2014
Infamous: Second Son Review
inFamous: Second Son is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and the third entry in the inFamous franchis..
PS3 3D 0.0 21 Mar 2014
Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Review
Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z has players battling fierce zombies as Yaiba, a cyborg ninja who will do..
PS3 3D 0.0 18 Mar 2014
Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Re
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is the stand-alone prologue to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phant..
X360 3D 0.0 18 Mar 2014
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Revi
Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster is a single disc bundle that brings Final Fantasy X and Fina..
PS3 Compilation 0.0 18 Mar 2014

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