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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Panzer Dragoon Orta
an outstandingly well-executed game, featuring gameplay that's easy to grasp but rewards continued practice, exceptional..
XBOX Rail Shooting 9.0 12 Jan 2003
Need for Speed: Undercover
This explosively fun racing game was worth the wait.
IP GT / Street Racing 9.0 27 Apr 2009
FIFA 2001
isn't flawless, but the game is extremely well rounded and it excels in every category.
PS2 Soccer Sim 9.0 24 Nov 2000
World Soccer Winning Eleven 6 Intern
Winning Eleven 6 International is, without a doubt, the finest soccer game available for any game platform right now.
PS2 Soccer Sim 9.0 11 Mar 2003
NASCAR Legends
the only game for nostalgic NASCAR fans to turn to.
PC Stock Car Racing 9.0 31 Oct 1999
Dungeon Keeper
A rich strategy game that is both intuitive and challenging, both innovative and polished.
PC Real-Time Strategy 9.0 26 Jun 1997
Medal of Honor Frontline
one of those games that will surprise PlayStation 2 owners by dazzling them with terrific gameplay, visual flair, and some of..
PS2 Historic First-Person Shooter 9.0 28 May 2002
Journey is an online adventure game from the creators of flOw and Flower.
PS3 Adventure Games 9.0 13 Mar 2012
MacGuffin's Curse
MacGuffin’s Curse is a puzzle adventure game, from the team that developed Jolly Rover.
PC Adventure 9.0 19 Apr 2012
Wario Land II
DX is one of the best 2D platformers to come out of Nintendo in years.
GBC 2D Platformer 8.9 31 Mar 1999
MVP Baseball 2005
offers more features that let you take control of your favorite major league baseball team both on and off the field. The ga..
XBOX Baseball Sim 8.9 22 Jan 2012
In exchange for your money, you're getting a quality flight simulation with continued support and some of the most exper..
PC WWII Flight Sim 8.9 30 Jun 1998
Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge
The awesome online mode and strong single-player segment combine to make Crimson Skies an easy game to recommend.
XBOX WWII Flight Sim 8.9 21 Oct 2003
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06
Tiger Woods 06 pits you against Tiger Woods in a battle to be the best golfer of all time. You can play golf greats in their ..
PC Golf Sim 8.9 20 Sep 2005
Mortal Kombat 4
Fans of the arcade version won't be disappointed at all.
N64 3D Fighting 8.9 23 Jun 1998
PGA Championship Golf 2000
currently the unrivaled king of golf sims.
PC Golf Sim 8.9 01 Jun 2000
NBA Live 99
When you strip away all the great new graphics and new season play, the core of the game is still great fun.
PC Basketball Sim 8.9 31 Oct 1998
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 is a must buy for any handheld-boarding fan.
GBC Skateboarding 8.9 01 Nov 2000
Tony Hawk's Underground
While the classic Tony Hawk gameplay is still fantastic after all this time, the new story mode doesn't make as dramatic..
PS2 Skateboarding 8.9 27 Oct 2003
Fight Night Round 2
The sequel to EA Sports' Fight Night 2004 maintains the original's analog control scheme and introduces a variety o..
PS2 Boxing 8.9 28 Feb 2005

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