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Starhawk map packs will be free

"LightBox will offer free levels so as not to divide players as predecessor Warhawk did; mystery paid DLC also planned for new shooter."

Gamers won't have to reach into their wallets to pick up map packs for LightBox Interactive's new PlayStation 3-exclusive shooter Starhawk. Company president Dylan Jobe explained today on the PlayStation Blog that all forthcoming map pack downloadable content for Starhawk will be free. No mention was made concerning how many total map packs will be released during the game's lifetime.

No money for Starhawk map packs? No problem.

No money for Starhawk map packs? No problem.

Jobe explained that the decision to offer all Starhawk map packs for free is due to lessons learned from 2007 predecessor Warhawk. Jobe said paid map pack DLC for that game divided players, and after three expansions, the community was "pretty fractured."

Starhawk shipped today exclusively for the PlayStation 3, and LightBox is already at work on the game's first free map pack, titled Cypress. The level is set on a lush, wet world, which is home to an abandoned research center formerly responsible for investigating the properties of Rift Energy.

Though map packs for Starhawk will be free, Lightbox will also offer paid DLC for the game. Details are not available on this content at present, with Jobe commenting, "We're still playing around with what that will be."

For more on Starhawk, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

Eddie Makuch By Eddie Makuch, News Editor

Eddie Makuch (Mack-ooh) is a News Editor at GameSpot. He lives in Connecticut, works out of the company's New York City office, and loves extra chunky peanut butter.

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HipHopBeats 55 pts

This is the 1st game I will get strictly for multiplayer. And I am not a multiplayer gamer, so you know it's that good. Will definitely wait a few weeks for a price drop though.

Emoboii93 13 pts

I find it rarely worth it to buy new games, I would buy this if it interested me But i just started playing Mag!.

Emoboii93 13 pts

I think they should make a rule to give all the people who are early opters of the highest price point the game will be at, All the download content for free. and those who  pay less get less ,, as well as an older game. 

Grendeloak 5 pts

Activision / Infinity Ward take note !

ck10304 14 pts

Finally, a game where the developer's actually wait until after launch to start working on paid DLC

Wula_ 30 pts

@ghstbstr ask yourself this. Do you want the limited edition and play a older game that has a smaller community for a extra $10 or get a newer game with a large player base already? and a few cosmetic features for your dashboard? that you spend only a min or two in. And a player skin you may or may not use? and a OST that you can get anywhere else if you like the music enough to listen to it all the time?


So if any of those features seem like a extra $10 go for it I say. If not save that $10 for gas in your car, a couple cases of pop, a movie ticket, etc. The possiblites are endless.

Naylord 35 pts

This is wonderful and more online games should do this. When map packs cost money, even if they're wonderful they can often not be worth it. The fact that they cost money reduces the number of players that can play it to the point where they're essentially useless. That will never be a problem in this case and periodic updates of free map packs is easily the best way to combat used sales.

ghstbstr 16 pts

So if all of the map packs will be free than this game might just be worth the $49.99/$59.99, and now I have to get it.

The question should I get the Limited Edition for $59.99 that is since it is only at Gamestop and they won't price match, or get the regular edition for $49.99 at another store?

HipHopBeats 55 pts

 ghstbstr Neither. Wait a few weeks and get it for $35 - $40.

Wula_ 30 pts

Now if all the other multiplayer games would learn a lesson from this. As paid DLC is one of the main reasons why I have given up on multiplayer focused games. Who enjoys paying constantly for a new map after they already spent $60 to enjoy a game with friends? I know I sure as hell don't.


And it sucks when you join a party of people and they have to argue with one another for 10-20 mins figuring out who has what so they can play a single round. Good game design if I ever seen one *sarcasm*.

Zidaneski 10 pts

Just beat it tonight on hardest difficulty. It was waaaay too easy on normal but on Mayhem it was nigh impossible for me without a clear plan for each wave. Great gameplay which I can now replay with different playstyles. Glad to here this game is getting some free stuff, especially after I dropped some money and a new Ps3 for this game.

XanderZane 104 pts

I picked my copy up, but never got a chance to try it yet. I will most likely play it on Saturday, but I'm definitely going to download the original Warhawk game tonight if it's the last thing I do.

GeneralTrouble 7 pts

Warhawk was one of my first PS3 titles and one of my first forays into online MP. It blew me away that this was what MP was all about. It wasn't the greatest graphically etc but I loved the fact you could just jump right in, no perks, no classes and have it out with everyone. It was damn good fun. I bought all the map packs and personally thought they were worth the value. Being an MP only game there wasn't any scope for any other type of DLC. That said, it did have an affect on the game as the servers dried up and soon the pack were mostly redundant.

I wholeheartedly commend Lightbox for learning from previous experience and making the changes that benefit us gamers. They were always proactive in enhancing the Warhawk experience day to day and it looks like that fantastic ethic will be shown in Starhawk.  

scatterbrain007 27 pts

I remember a time when new maps were absolutely free. I miss my PC gaming days, so many good memories.  Lightbox is doing something good here, new maps should be free. I don't mind paying for DLC if it's a significant upgrade with like new playable characters in addition to new missions and new vehicles. Paying for just maps though is annoying. Good one Lightbox!

CreMax90 44 pts

Finally!! A game with free map packs. Haven't heard that kind of news in ages.

warhawk-geeby 114 pts

Dylan Jobe deserves to be President for his thoughts on this.


Finally someone with care for the gamers!!!

garrett2526 9 pts

 gamestop only had 2 preorders for it me and another guy and they did zero to hype

ALLoY1717 22 pts

Sold. If only to encourage more people to do this.

fightingfish18 70 pts

 allied129   Well yeah, Apple could make it released to be installed on any computer, but I'm sure it would be a $500 operating system...  Which is significantly more than Windows.  And then when you get a new computer, that OS will be obsolete, so you will want a new one, which will be more than a new copy of Windows.


Windows isn't priced too bad in reality.  Xbox LIVE marketplace policies are a bad joke though.

allied129 17 pts



Well that was just one example in witch Micro$oft is too greedy. Besides, even if that were to be the price of that OS I would gladly pay that knowing I could install it an unlimited amount of times on not just one but ALL my comps and I could reformat my comp and still install it without worries.


You see, I have gotten new Hard drives over the years and wanted to move where Windows is installed so I have more space for apps and to be better organized, because of how my dad bought the house a 3 use copy of Windows 7 Home Premium  I was only able to do it twice since the third time went to my sis. So now, even though my dad BOUGHT the OS he now has to re-buy it again or we have to go online to find a crack that works just cause the key doesn't even tie to your computer like it should!


Overall, even after paying the $500 for Apple's OS at lest there updates only cost $60 and again no freaking Product keys to worry about.


BTW, I am no Apple fanboy and to prove it, I had a iPhone 4 when they first came out and got rid of it to go with Android just cause I like being able to do anything with my phone and dont have to worry about waiting for a jailbreak to be released before I can update.


I hope this helps clear up what I meant to say :) 

Savoritias 140 pts

Someone that understand gamers at last and not sell stupid maps and dlcs!


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