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Title Platform Date
Cursed Crusade delayed again
Atlus pushes medieval action game back to October 25 debut; Kylotonn-developed title to be available on disc for Xbox 360, PS3, downloadable on PC.
X360 28 Sep 2011
Creating the Humble Indie Bundle
GDC 2011: Organizers of the charitable pay-what-you-want collection of computer games talk about putting it all together, from getting developers on board to dealing with pirates.
PC 28 Feb 2011
Capcom breaches Blue Castle Games
Japanese publisher buys Canadian developer of Dead Rising 2; studio to be renamed Capcom Games Studio Vancouver.
X360 15 Sep 2010
Capcom claims Mega Man Universe
Publisher applies for a trademark on term as it relates to retail, downloadable, and mobile games, screensavers, and ring tones.
X360 27 Apr 2010
Codemasters lines up F1 2010 for September start
First PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 outing for the UK publisher's take on the pinnacle of motorsport confirmed for an autumn release.
PS3 10 Mar 2010
Capcom revealing new 360 game next week
[UPDATE] Japanese publisher holding "title premiere for Xbox 360" on Tuesday, Tokyo time--meaning news of announcement will likely arrive in North America on Monday; game is port of PC Mo..
X360 22 Jan 2010
ChartSpot: December 2009
Zelda: Spirit Tracks barely misses the top 10 as Scribblenauts, New Super Mario Bros. DS, and Mario Kart DS return to top 20; The Sims 3 dominates PC best-sellers.
PC 15 Jan 2010
ChartSpot: October 2009
Brutal Legend, Demon's Souls, Tekken 6, WWE Smackdown land in bottom half of top 20; PC charts see Aion, Sims 3 switch places ahead of...Nancy Drew?!
PC 13 Nov 2009
Capcom illuminates Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
TGS 2009: Producer Masachika Kawata highlights details on Wii game's new scenario, Operation Javier, and more; new trailer inside.
DC 26 Sep 2009
Crimson Skies revival planned
Q&A: Smith & Tinker founder and FASA IP creator Jordan Weisman discusses his new kid-friendly game Nanovor, future of famed tabletop RPG licenses.
PC 03 Aug 2009
ChartSpot: June 2009
Prototype tops NPD's monthly non-PC top 20 with nearly 600,000 units, while Ghostbusters just misses the top 10; Sims 3 new PC king, Spore Galactic Adventures opens strong.
PC 17 Jul 2009
Capcom unveils upcoming PSN slate
Classics Collections, Mega Man remakes go downloadable for PSP; more Resident Evil and Dino Crisis PlayStation originals headed for online store.
PSP 01 Jul 2009
Crash Bandicoot creators start new shop
Naughty Dog founders Jason Rubin and Andrew Gavin start Monkey Gods, a new casual game development company specializing in 360, PS3, Wii, iPhone, and Facebook games.
PS2 14 May 2009
Codies pads up for Ashes clash this summer
Brian Lara and Ricky Ponting reborn as Ashes Cricket 2009; coming to Xbox 360, PS3, and PC this summer.
PS2 08 May 2009
Capcom: Up to 40 PSN games coming soon - Report
Publisher looking to ramp up availability of original PlayStation and PSP games on Sony's downloadable-game service during the next few months.
PS 05 May 2009
Colonial Marines storm Sega HQ
APRIL FOOL'S DAY: <i>Aliens</i> game license retaken by force during predawn dropship assault from <i>USS Sulaco</i>, six hedgehogs perish in firefight; Weyland-Yutani ..
XBOX 01 Apr 2009
Crave acquired for more than $8.1 million
Pinball Hall of Fame publisher purchased by online distributor Fillpoint; Williams Collection for PS3, 360 confirmed.
PS3 24 Feb 2009
Call of Duty 4 tops BAFTA nominees
Modern Warfare nets seven nods in extended Brit game awards; GTAIV, Fable II, Little Big Planet.
DS 10 Feb 2009
CES: No new Rock Band in '09
Harmonix cofounder says studio's primary focus will be creating Beatles project and downloadable content this year; 30 million songs downloaded.
WII 07 Jan 2009
Codemasters snags F1 licence
British publisher in pole position for the 2009 Formula One season with exclusive deal to develop F1-licensed titles.
PS 09 May 2008

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