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Title Platform Date
First Walking Dead episode sells 1 million
Debut episode in Telltale Games' new adventure series hits platinum status in two weeks, becoming company's fastest-selling series to date.
PC 17 May 2012
Fallout: New Vegas bets on Ultimate Edition
Comprehensive version of Obsidian Entertainment's postapocalyptic RPG to include all downloadable add-ons, set for release in February.
PS3 03 Nov 2011
FIFA Street tackling 360, PS3 in early 2012
EA Sports calling up informal soccer title next year with focus on localized football styles from regions around the globe.
X360 16 Aug 2011
Fable III dev says used sales more problematic than pirac
Lionhead lead combat designer Mike West sounds off on industry hot topics, says any sales of Fable III for PC a "bonus."
X360 18 May 2011
Fable III PC not a 'half-done port' - Report
Lionhead sounds off on upcoming Windows version of action role-playing game; title due out May 17.
X360 15 Apr 2011
Flight Control maker buys Puzzle Quest studio
Firemint acquires Infinite Interactive for undisclosed amount; Infinite staff to continue work on unnamed title.
PS3 04 Jan 2011
Forbes lists Gabe Newell as a 'name you need to know
Financial magazine's crowd-sourced list of candidates to make massive impacts in next year features Valve CEO in recognition of Steam's hold on PC digital distribution.
X360 15 Nov 2010
FIFA 11 kicking off this autumn
New Personality+ system maps players' real-life skills to the virtual pitch, while a new Pro Passing system determines pass accuracy directly from a gamer's ability on the controls.
WII 09 Jun 2010
Frogger hops on DSiWare bandwagon
Nintendo Store Update: Konami's latest amphibian revamp highlights a busy week as Bit.Trip Runner sprints to WiiWare and Kirby Super Star shines on Virtual Console.
WII 17 May 2010
FIFA World Cup 2010 arrives late April
EA footie series returns to Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP, and mobile platforms April 27 in North America, April 30 for Europe and Asia.
PSP 27 Jan 2010
Fallout 3: The Pitt pulled off XBL, retrenched
[UPDATE] After posting corrupted 360 edition of second RPG add-on, Bethesda Softworks successfully uploads fully functional version.
X360 25 Mar 2009
Fallout 3 DLC drops in January
PC, 360 editions of postapocalyptic RPG to get new content each month through March, including main quest expansion; PC level editor coming next month.
X360 25 Nov 2008
Football legend Brown sues EA, Sony over Madden
All-time-great NFL running back takes exception to games having historical Cleveland Browns teams with number 32 as running back.
PC 31 Jul 2008
Favre tackling Madden NFL 09 cover?
GameDaily conjectures Green Bay Packers legend Brett Favre will cover 20th anniversary edition of annual football sim...but isn't he retired?
WII 24 Apr 2008
flOw ebbs toward PSP
ESRB listing suggests stateside release of aquatic ambiance game on Sony's handheld.
PSP 30 Jan 2008
Microsoft shutters Shadowrun and MechAssault developer, the final remnant of the once-mighty tabletop-RPG maker; half the staff "redeployed" to other MGS projects.
PC 13 Sep 2007
F.E.A.R. pseudo-sequel N.A.M.E.D.
Monolith Productions' paranormal shooter to be known henceforth as Project Origin.
PS3 07 Sep 2007
Fire Pro Wrestling Returns to US
Agetec set to give long-running Japanese series its North American home-console debut later this year or early next.
PS2 27 Jul 2007
F-Zero X leads pack onto VC
Nintendo's hallmark 64-bit racer cruises to Wii's downloadable-game service with SNES fighter SFII Turbo: Hyper Fighting and TG-16 beat-'em-up China Warrior.
N64 25 Jun 2007
F-Zero X races onto Euro VC
Two new titles this week bring the total available for download in the region to over 100.
N64 15 Jun 2007

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