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Title Platform Date
Game, Gamestation not stocking Mass Effect 3
Neither Game nor Gamestation will stock March releases from EA; both retailers cancelling preorders, reportedly not offering cash refunds.
PC 29 Feb 2012
Game Arts founder dead at 45
Cause of G-Mode CEO and founder Takeshi Miyaji's passing not revealed; previous company known for creating Grandia and Lunar series.
DC 01 Aug 2011
Game composers unite for Japan
International video game composers team up for a new project to raise money for Japan earthquake relief fund--Akira Yamaoka, Woody Jackson, Bear McCreary, Yasunori Mitsuda, and Nobuo Uematsu sign o..
DS 01 Apr 2011 closure a gag
Digital distribution outfit's shutdown hoax to end with site coming out of beta; Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga to be added to catalog.
PC 22 Sep 2010
Grasshopper, Digital Reality making 3D shooter
Gamescom 2010: Suda-51 teams up with Hegemonia publisher to codevelop multiple titles, starting with downloadable side-scrolling shooter Sine Mora for PS3, Xbox 360.
X360 18 Aug 2010
GoldenEye, Assassin's Creed, Driver, Bloodstone URLs
Activision locks down Web addresses for two potential James Bond games; Ubisoft registers domains, which may hint at titles for spin-offs, sequels of stealth-action, driving franchises.
PS3 23 Apr 2010
Greed Corp gets initial public offering
W!Games’ environmentally themed turn-based strategy game arrives for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 downloadable services next week.
PS3 19 Feb 2010
Green Day: Rock Band coming next year
MTV Games and Harmonix follow up Beatles: Rock Band with a full Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 game dedicated to the San Francisco Bay Area pop-punk group.
X360 12 Dec 2009
Gaijin Games offers indie devs Bit.Trip tips
GDC Austin 2009: Lead artist Mike Roush explains how the path for indie darlings Bit.Trip Beat and Bit.Trip Core was laid by Tomb Raider: Underworld on the DS.
WII 15 Sep 2009
GDC 2009: Kaos gives Big Huge tips on cinematic gaming
Rise of Nations, Frontline studio reps tell developers how to make their games more Hollywood-like without using cutscenes.
PS3 27 Mar 2009
GDC 2009: Wright, Molyneux sound off on societal impact o
Spore and Fable II creators join Bing Gordon, Lorne Lanning, Ed Fries, and Rusel DeMaria for a discussion on the education possibilities, potential pitfalls, and global connections of games.
PS 27 Mar 2009
GDC 2009: Fallout 3, LBP win big at GDCAs, Modern Warfare
[UPDATE] Media Molecule walks away with the most Game Developers Choice Awards, but Bethesda's postapocalyptic RPG takes the top prize; Infinity Ward's next game due Nov. 10; full video c..
DS 25 Mar 2009
Guitar Hero dev confirms DJ Hero
World Tour project director flatly states scratch-ready rhythm game in the works.
PS3 27 Oct 2008
GC 2008: Konami unveils Lords of Shadow, GTI Club Plus
New action game, reworked mini-racer lead the pack; Silent Hill coming to PC, Pro Evolution Soccer to be released in October.
X360 20 Aug 2008
GRID driving Codies to Japan
UK publisher announces its ambitions for the land of the rising sun, first game to be published there later this year.
DS 06 Jun 2008
Game trumpets record results
The UK retailer sees share price spike after it reports a 156 percent increase in profits.
DS 29 Apr 2008
GDC '08: Puzzle Quest was deemed too risky
Publishers didn't want to take a chance on Puzzle Quest, says Infinite Interactive CEO Steve Fawkner; sci-fi themed sequel Galactrix announced.
PS2 22 Feb 2008
GDC '08: Wii Fit, WiiWare hitting US in mid-May
Balance board peripheral-based game and independent development and digital distribution channel are just three months away.
WII 20 Feb 2008
GDC '08: The sum of N+ dev's XBLA experience
Independent publisher Metanet says a working prototype was key to securing its Xbox Live Arcade deal.
X360 19 Feb 2008
GDC '08: PixelJunk pollinates Eden
Q Games' Dylan Cuthbert reveals next installment in PSN downloadable series is "coming soon" and will feature unique visual style coupled with platforming gameplay.
PS3 19 Feb 2008

Battlefield 3 GameStop, Inc.