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Title Platform Date
Geometry Wars: Galaxies gold, dated
Mathematics jumps into the trenches on Nintendo's Wii November 20; DS version follows November 27.
WII 06 Nov 2007
GameCity '07: Keita Takahashi talks Noby Noby Boy
The oddball genius behind Katamari Damacy shows off the first technical demo of his latest project, shares insight into his creative process, and talks about the fights he has with his neighbours.
PS3 28 Oct 2007
GC '07: Best of GC winners revealed
Awards from the Leipzig Games Convention set Crysis, BioShock, PES 2008, Mario & Sonic on top of their respective platforms.
DS 27 Aug 2007
GC '07: Rock Band coming to PlayStation 2
MTV Games and Electronic Arts to bring their highly anticipated rhythm game to the PS2, announce 10 more tracks including Stones, Clash, NIN.
PS2 22 Aug 2007
Games Convention award noms named
Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 receives only multiplatform nomination in German trade show's "Best of GC" awards.
DS 22 Aug 2007
GameSpot tackles
Growing sports-game specialty site acquired by leading game-information destination.
PS3 03 Jul 2007
Guilty Gear waggles to Wii, PS2
New publisher bringing Arc System Works' long-running fighting series to US this fall.
WII 22 Jun 2007
Geometry Wars: Galaxies blasting off
Xbox Live monster hit Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved getting a sequel on Wii and DS.
WII 25 May 2007
Gilbert Arenas nets NBA Live 08 cover
Injured Washington Wizards star takes solace in gaming glory, pegs "October 1 or 2" release date for EA's next hoops game.
PS3 30 Apr 2007
GO3: Make less-violent games: PaRappa creator
PaRappa the Rapper creator says game industry needs to move away from violent games; urges developers to work more closely with musicians.
PS 03 Apr 2007
GDC 07: EA to publish Harmonix-MTV game
Megapublisher lands deal to distribute the "most ambitious" effort yet from creators of Guitar Hero; Alex Rigopulos explains how it went down in an audio Q&A.
PS2 07 Mar 2007
Game movies hit online video sites
YouTube hosting rough cut of trailer for Uwe Boll's <i>Postal</i>, <i>Dead or Alive</i> up on Google Video in its entirety.
PC 01 Feb 2007
Gitaroo Man joins D.I.C.E.
Keiichi Yano slips into speaker lineup at next week's event; iNiS founder is the brains behind Gitaroo Man, other rhythm-based titles.
PS2 31 Jan 2007
GRAW2 demo invades Live
Gamers given a sneak peek at Ubisoft's newest take on terror in near future; PlayStation 3 version set for June deployment.
PS3 31 Jan 2007
Gradius leads triple shot of Wii VC releases
Konami's NES shoot-'em-up arrives on the Virtual Console, accompanied by TurboGrafx-16 games Soldier Blade and Dungeon Explorer.
NES 08 Jan 2007
GRAW 2 debriefed
Sequel to Ubisoft's hit enlisting on Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, PC in spring 2007; battles will take place on both sides of US-Mexico border.
PS3 08 Dec 2006
Gitaroo Man's PSP tour dated
Koei's rhythm game set to rock North America on November 14; PSP version includes original PS2 game plus extras.
PSP 02 Oct 2006
Genesis Collection detailed
Sega reveals full list of games from 16-bit system to be included in upcoming retro compilation for PS2, PSP.
PS2 17 Aug 2006
Guild Wars prepares for Nightfall
Next expansion for massively multiplayer online role-playing game now in beta testing; player-versus-player preview event set for the end of the month.
PC 18 Jul 2006
Gunpey loaded for DS, PSP
Namco Bandai brings Q Entertainment remake of Gunpei Yokoi puzzler to US later this year.
DS 10 Jul 2006

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