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Title Platform Date
Kid Icarus: Uprising bundled with new 3DS stand
Producer Masahiro Sakurai tweets images of new system stand to be included with copies of Pit's long-awaited return; release information uncertain.
3DS 12 Jan 2012
Kid Icarus: Uprising takes wing March 23
Nintendo lays out early 2012 release slate; $20 3DS Circle Pad Pro peripheral on sale exclusively at GameStop starting Feb. 7, Rhythm Heaven Fever hits Wii Feb. 13.
3DS 13 Dec 2011
Kinect Sports 2 'pushing speech a hell of a lot'
Develop 2011: Studio's next game entirely navigable with voice; golf to have more than 300 voice command phrases.
X360 20 Jul 2011
Kirby Mass Attack leads Nintendo release updates
Pink puffball's latest adventure hits September 19, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 out August 28.
WII 13 Jun 2011
Konami drops Rock Band lawsuit
Rock Revolution maker settles out of court with Harmonix parent Viacom in legal action stemming from rhythm game patents.
PS2 20 Sep 2010
Konami down with Def Jam Rapstar, Dr. Dre, Kanye on board
Japanese publisher to distribute 4mm's hip-hop karaoke game this fall; song selection to cover old-school hits from Wu-Tang Clan, new tracks from Lil' Wayne; will use Xbox 360, PS3 camera..
PS3 08 Apr 2010
Konami's Kojima, Capcom's Inafune, Sega's
Three Japanese game industry heavyweights discuss the possibilities of Microsoft's motion-sensing tech and how it will affect the future of games.
XBOX 24 Sep 2009
Koei, Crave, Playlogic sign up with ESA
Publishers of Dynasty Warriors, Pinball Hall of Fame, and Obscure 2 join the ranks of US gaming industry trade group.
PSP 28 Apr 2009
Kotick: DJ Hero coming in 2009
Activision Blizzard CEO says unannounced, turntable-equipped rhythm game will spin to retail shelves later this year.
PS3 30 Jan 2009
Konami sues Viacom over Rock Band
[UPDATE] Japanese publisher claims Harmonix-developed multi-instrument hit violated its "musical rhythm-matching game" patents, reports Bloomberg; MTV responds.
PS 11 Jul 2008
Koei UK dates Samurai Warriors 2 for PC
Publisher flexes UK muscles with PC releases for Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI and Samurai Warriors 2.
PS2 28 Apr 2008
Kirby dreams on Wii VC
SNES fantasy golf game joins TG-16 occult pinball game Devil's Crush and Genesis strategy-RPG Shining Force on downloadable game service.
TG16 23 Jul 2007
Kirby drives onto Euro VC
Two new titles for European Wii owners available this week, Kirby's Dream Course and Bloody Wolf.
SNES 29 Jun 2007
Koei unites Dynasty, Samurai Warriors
Orochi Warriors to join two ancient-Asian action strategy series on 360 and PS2 on September 18.
PS2 20 Jun 2007
Konami sales soar, no MGS4 until '08?
Winning Eleven publisher reports strong financials, Solid Snake's next-gen debut now slated for company's current fiscal year, which ends next March.
PS2 22 May 2007
Kid Icarus flies again on Wii VC
Pit's original outing joined by fellow NES platformers Kirby's Adventure and Ice Climbers on Nintendo's downloadable game service.
NES 12 Feb 2007
Konami dancing with the King
Japanese publisher announces deal that will see Dance Dance Revolution promoted via Burger King Kids Meals.
PS2 04 Dec 2006
Konami trademarks 'Guitar Revolution'
The maker of Guitar Freaks may be planning a new axe-based music game for US release.
PS 10 Jul 2006

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