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Title Platform Date
Q&A: Will Wright on the rules of Stupid Fun Club
The celebrated designer explains the origins of his new studio's name, why he left EA, and what he thinks about Spore.
PC 08 Apr 2009
Q&A: Ken Levine talks BioShock, reminisces about X-Co
2K Boston frontman Ken Levine talks about how BioShock 2 ended up at 2K Marin, his upcoming mystery project, and how his studio literally went underwater.
PC 20 Mar 2009
Q&A: Virtual Heroes training real heroes
PSPs teaching Hilton hoteliers? Silent Hill artists training Special Forces with RPGs? Grand Theft Auto designers helping police and paramedics? It's all in a day's work for CEO Jerry Hen..
GBC 03 Oct 2008
Q&A: FIFA Soccer 09
FIFA 09 producer David Rutter on new gameplay additions, expanding Be a Pro, whether Australia's A-League is back in the mix, and a possible PS3-exclusive mode.
PS3 01 Jul 2008
Q&A: Telltale tells why Sam & Max works
CEO Dan Connors explains how an adventure series has succeeded in an episodic game market where Valve, Ritual, and Telltale's previous efforts failed.
WII 09 Apr 2008
Q&A: THQ's Sorensen talks acquisitions
VP of product development opines on his company's growing pains, industry consolidation, and iPhone development.
X360 04 Apr 2008
Q&A: Rez HD creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi
The developer behind Lumines talks about his latest work, revisiting Space Channel 5, and the prospect of a collaboration with Harmonix.
X360 25 Jan 2008
Q&A: Sensible Software's Jon Hare
The brains behind a slew of legendary '90s titles is back, talks to GameSpot about Sensible Soccer and how the industry has changed in the past 15 years.
XBOX 02 Jan 2008
Q&A: Morhaime on Activision-Blizzard union
President and cofounder of World of Warcraft publisher pulls back curtain on the $18.9 billion dollar deal that changed the face of gaming.
MOBILE 02 Dec 2007
Q&A: Everyday Shooter creator Jonathan Mak
The indie developer behind Sony's latest downloadable PlayStation 3 game talks about his indie hit, from its start as a puzzler to levels that didn't make the cut.
PS3 23 Oct 2007
Q&A: Sports Interactive on Football Manager 2008, Liv
Miles Jacobson talks to GameSpot about usability, getting FM08 out the door, and the Football Manager Live beta.
PC 04 Oct 2007
Q&A: Moore debuts at EA's GameShow
GameSpot finds out how the 360's onetime biggest backer is settling into his new gig as the head of the world's biggest multiplatform label.
PS3 06 Sep 2007
Q&A: Joseph Olin on the art of games
The D.I.C.E.-thrower and AIAS president is hoping his Into the Pixel exhibit will help settle the debate about games being artistic expression.
PSP 10 Aug 2007
Q&A: Postal designer on Manhunt 2
Running With Scissors' Vince Desi has built a franchise on pushing the envelope, so where does he stand on the recent controversy surrounding Rockstar Games' latest?
PC 21 Jun 2007
Q&A: Ubisoft on Live Arcade
Director of new business development James Regan talks about the publisher's plans for downloadable games beyond Ninja Turtles and beyond the Xbox 360.
X360 06 Mar 2007
Q&A: Cookin' Chili with Deadline CEO Chris Motte
Head of Danish developer that created Chili Con Carnage and Total Overdose gives European perspective on the industry in a candid interview.
PSP 27 Feb 2007
Q&A: Gamecock's Harry Miller crows
Gathering of Developers' cofounder talks about getting the band back together and providing indie studios with a new way to get their original titles made.
WII 12 Feb 2007
Quartet of titles hit Wii's Virtual Console
Ice Hockey, Gunstar Heroes, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Alien Crush are now available for purchase from Nintendo's online store.
GEN 11 Dec 2006
Q&A: Ian Livingstone on 10 years of Lara
Eidos' product acquisition director thinks the Tomb Raider series can continue "for many years to come" and predicts the next-gen console war's winners.
WII 14 Nov 2006
Q&A: 2K Sports' gameplan for PS3
2K Sports director of marketing Erik Whiteford talks about getting PlayStation 3 launch titles ready, EA's cancellation of NBA Live 07 for PS3, and the EA/2K rivalry.
PS3 13 Nov 2006

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