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Title Platform Date
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City free DLC drops Apri
Special Ops mission arriving next month on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for Capcom's third-person shooter; no mention of PC release.
X360 16 Mar 2012
RE: Operation Raccoon City infecting PCs May 18
Capcom reveals release date for Windows version of upcoming shooter, will debut two months after Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 iterations.
X360 24 Feb 2012
Rayman 3 HD hits XBL, PSN March 21
Ubisoft's high-def downloadable revamp coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next month; updated audio, 60fps visuals included.
X360 02 Feb 2012
Rayman 3 goes HD for Xbox 360, PS3
High-def downloadable remake of 2003 platformer Hoodlum Havoc headed for downloadable storefronts this spring with revamped audio, 60 frames per second visuals.
X360 22 Nov 2011
Ridge Racer Unbounded on March 6
Bugbear Entertainment's destruction-focused take on Namco Bandai racer franchise crashes onto Xbox 360, PS3, and PC early next year.
PC 03 Nov 2011
Red Dead Redemption ships 8 million, Take-Two profits fla
Western game hits new sales milestone as publisher names Undead Nightmare expansion a major hit; NBA 2K11, Civilization V also solid holiday players; next GTA missing from release calendar.
PS3 08 Feb 2011
Roy Halladay starting for MLB 2K11
2K Sports taps Philadelphia Phillies ace to cover next year's baseball sim, due this spring for 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii, PC.
PS3 15 Nov 2010
Remedy working on new 'AAA' Xbox 360 project
Job listing reveals that Finnish studio is already hiring for its next big game for Microsoft's console--is it Alan Wake 2?
X360 19 Oct 2010
Rollercoaster Tycoon taking on big screen
Sony Pictures Animation picks up the rights to make a live-action film with CG elements based on Atari's PC theme park simulation series.
XBOX 17 May 2010
Red Faction 4, Saints Row 3, Darksiders 2 scheduled, Spac
THQ says RF: Guerrilla successor, Homefront due by April 2011; open-world crime sequel, post-post-apocalyptic follow-up, and Warhammer 40,000 spin-off due during subsequent fiscal year.
X360 03 Feb 2010
Rocket Knight blasting off on 360, PS3, PCs
Konami's 16-bit opossum platforming hero Sparkster returns next year with a new downloadable action game.
PS3 20 Oct 2009
Raimi directing Warcraft movie - confirmed
Blizzard, Legendary, and Warner Bros. announce Spider-Man director will helm the long-in-the-works big-screen version of Blizzard's genre-dominating MMORPG.
PS 22 Jul 2009
Report: Warner Bros. lording over Rings IP
<i>Variety</i> reports film studio's game arm now has control of Peter Jackson fantasy film license long held by Electronic Arts; parties involved decline comment.
GBA 12 Mar 2009
Rock Band hits 7M, rings up $574M in US
Viacom awarding $300 million-plus bonus to Harmonix founders after rhythm franchise hits massive sales milestone; 26 million downloads worldwide to date.
WII 11 Nov 2008
Race Pro enters X360 circuit
SimBin's formerly PC-only sim racer heads to Microsoft's console courtesy of Atari this fall.
X360 11 Jul 2008
Reports: More staff sue Tecmo
According to news on Japanese Web sites, employees are launching a class-action suit at the Tokyo District Court for unpaid overtime.
NES 17 Jun 2008
Rock Band big in Japan
Harmonix strikes deal with Lumines dev Q Entertainment to help develop a "heavily localized" version of its popular multi-instrument rhythm game across the Pacific.
PS 02 Jun 2008
Retail Radar: UK dates for Fable 2, Ghostbusters let slip dates for a bunch of titles, including Fable 2, Ghostbusters, Prototype, Ninja Gaiden II, and The Bourne Conspiracy.
PS3 17 Mar 2008
Retail Radar: Arkanoid and Space Invaders Extreme
GameStop lists recently revamped versions of Taito arcade classics, with Square Enix set to publish.
DS 25 Feb 2008
Red Alert 3 revealed
Cover of April <i>PC Gamer</i> reveals the alternate-history spin-off of EALA's Command and Conquer series is being revived.
PS 13 Feb 2008

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