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Title Platform Date
Wizardry journeys West
Xseed Games picks up North American and European publishing rights to dungeon-crawling franchise's first downloadable PS3 iteration.
PS3 23 Mar 2011
WWE license sparks new Jakks/THQ suit
Publisher petitions court following toy maker's one-sided decision to renew rights to make wrestling games for five more years.
WII 01 Jul 2009
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 enters the ring
THQ confirms update to hit franchise; coming to 360, PS3, PSP, Wii, and DS later this year.
WII 02 Jun 2009
Wolfenstein blitzes stores August 4
Raven Software revamp of shooter franchise gets dated for PC, Xbox 360, PS3; original Wolfenstein 3D gets XBLA, PSN release next week.
PS3 29 May 2009
WiiWare turns one
Nine-part Final Fantasy IV spin-off, Super Meat Boy, Cave Story headline upcoming lineup for downloadable-game service as Nintendo celebrates milestone.
WII 12 May 2009
Will Wright leaves EA, founds Stupid Fun Club
[UPDATE] Sims and Spore designer leaves longtime home to establish "entertainment think tank" bankrolled by Electronic Arts.
SNES 08 Apr 2009
Wanted: Little Big Planet PSP devs
Sony posts job listing for engine programmer for unspecified portable project in Media Molecule game's universe.
PSP 01 Oct 2008
WipEout HD, Burnout Paradise zip onto PSN
Loaded week brings four new games, a rash of add-ons, and basketball demos to Sony's online storefront for PS3, while PSP store gets a pair of titles plus samplers.
PS3 25 Sep 2008
WiiWare live in North America
Nintendo flips the switch on its new downloadable-game service; new Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles headlines initial slate of half a dozen games.
WII 12 May 2008
We Ski gets gold
Namco Bandai's Balance Board-compatible downhill-skiing game ready to tackle retailers later this month.
WII 02 May 2008
WiiWare launching in Japan March 25
Nintendo's platform for independent developers officially dated; nine games available at launch.
WII 11 Mar 2008
WGA initiates game writers
Crash of the Titans, Dead Head Fred, The Simpsons, Witcher, and World in Conflict nominated for inaugural 2008 Videogame Writer Awards.
WII 16 Jan 2008
Warner Bros. telling Traveller's Tales
Cash-flush game arm of multimedia conglomerate acquires British developer of Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman, and Bionicle Heroes.
DS 08 Nov 2007
Warcraft graphic novel as SAT study aid?
Kaplan and Tokyopop quietly release vocabulary-packed rewrite of Warcraft: Dragon Hunt manhwa--now with alacrity!
PS 31 Oct 2007
Worms deploy on A Space Oddity
Team 17's annelids with attitude take their turn-based strategy warfare intergalactic next spring on the Wii.
WII 30 Aug 2007
Wave Race 64 splashes onto Euro VC
Two new titles arrive for this week's European Virtual Console update, Wave Race 64 and Craterzone.
N64 17 Aug 2007
Wii's VC gets three heavy hitters
Left hooks, roundhouse kicks, head-butts hit Virtual Console as Punch Out!!, Virtual Fighter 2, Bonk's Revenge are released today.
NES 16 Apr 2007
Wipeout Pulse racing to PSPs
Futurustic racing series' PSP follow-up coming this September; game to feature seven modes, wireless multiplayer, 24 tracks, eight teams.
PSP 04 Apr 2007
Wii Pokémon, DS browser coming in June
First US Wii game to use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, DS connectivity coming to US; other Nintendo games dated.
WII 07 Mar 2007
Weaver takes mound for new MVP NCAA Baseball
Former Long Beach State fireballer Jered Weaver lands first cover-athlete gig for EA's newly announced collegiate baseball game.
PS2 30 Nov 2006

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