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If you had a choice between 2k10 and nhl 08 in a used bin....go with nhl 08




This game is horrible. I Havent played a 2K hockey game since 2k6 on the original xbox. There was so much hype so i gave it a try. First thing i did was score 8 goals in one period. The final score was me 17 computer 6. Played with a friend score was 13 10 for me. The biggest glitch goal ever is in the game. All you have to do is do a one timer high glove side on any goalie and it will go in 98 percent of the time. What a waste of money.....and i rented it. Go with 09. Heck go with 07 if you have no other choice.

There are a couple good things though. The players look good and the presentation is decent. In the end it felt like thats all 2k worked on. No gameplay change what so ever. Only fun i have more in this game than 09 is fighting....and thats even barely..................

This is the worst and most incomplete review I've seen on GameSpot in quite some time.


Editors' Choice
Time Spent:
20 to 40 Hours
The Bottom Line:


I'm going to make this review short and sweet and simply explain why I've never seen a worse review on GameSpot than the one I read by Brett Todd for the 360/PS3 versions of NHL 2K10.

I'll just go through substantively why it is dead wrong, rather than harp on the fact that the review came out 1 week after the review for NHL 10 (despite the fact they came out on the same day) and is half the length, indicating the site's indifference towards any non-EA game. I'll also disclaim that I don't want to bash NHL 10, which can be a quality game, but just explain why NHL 2K10 is better.

It is very clear that the reviewer spent almost no time with the game when the summary for NHL 10 is "one fantastic hockey sim" while the NHL 2K10 summary reads it is a "shallow, straightforward hockey game" that has an "unrealistic arcade feel on the ice."

Are you kidding me? While NHL 2K10 admittingly plays a little shallow out of the box, so does NHL 10 and almost every other sports game out there. If a person is going to review sports games for a living then it's inexcusable not to explain in the review what sliders are available and what effect they have on the game. The fact that sliders weren't even mentioned in the NHL 2K10 review indicates that the reviewer was either too lazy to adjust them or simply wanted to review the game as fast as possible.

Tinkering with sliders reveals a depth of gameplay that is missing from its competitor. Through 2K Share, all one has to do is download a set in-game and magically you have no more "shallow straightforward unrealistic arcade game." Funny there is no mention of 2K Share in the review. Other positives about the game that are not in the review:

- Actual player separation so 4th line goons don't deke like Sidney Crosby
- Best broadcast camera to be seen yet in a sports game
- Best arenas ever in a sports game
- Realistic skating that takes into account player momentum so players can't stop on a dime
- Incidental contact between players
- Best fighting engine seen yet in a hockey game
- Terrific CPU AI
- Super deep franchise mode
- Community support and modding through 2K Share
- Sliders actually have an effect on in-game action
- Great puck physics
- Organic feel where every game produces different goals

For some reason the said reviewer decided not to mention any of these traits.

For me, NHL 2K10 has faults (shooting and default control scheme for example). However, its positives far outweigh its negatives. For offline single player gameplay, or for any fan of sim hockey, 2K10 is definitely the way to go this year to wash away the terrible taste of 2K9.

It's too bad that alot of people won't give it a fair shake due to cursory and late reviews such as the one on this site.

definately underappreciated. this is the best 2k hockey game since 2k3. for those who liked 2k hockey since dreamcast


Editors' Choice


the way i felt when i first played this game reminded me of the great feeling i used to get when buying hockey games on release day and playing them for the first few games and just enjoying them instead of criticizing and looking for all the little nuances and things that could/should be better. i forgot about comparing it with the other and just enjoyed what it was. it felt like when i played nhl 94-2002 and 2k2-2k5. except this one felt like the few that were really great, that felt like something special and not just another iteration. like 94, 95, 01, 2k3, 2k5.

i just wish they including more control options like the options from 2k8 that the majority were to f@cking stupid to learn eventually causing 2k to make the stupid decision of not including them in future games for the 2k hockey fans that loved the controls.

also people dont seem to like the menu a whole lot but so far i think it helps makes things quicker and organized in a way that works well if you allow yourself to learn something different. also the visuals in presentation are very well done too.

i dont know why so many people are giving it bad reviews.. its very unfortunate cuz i think the developers deserve a lot more credit for this game than they are getting.

i know i love it and the sliders are still there to make different style games... more arcade or more sim.

goalies should be worked on still. but will do for now.

2k10 is hopefully a step in the right direction and despite the bad reviews, hopefully they keep building off this and use 2k10 as somewhat of a new foundation to build off of, kind of like nhl 07 was for EA sports.

if you were ever a fan of 2k, then at least rent this game and judge for yourself... try to accept what it is and see if it works for you. dont compare or criticize, appreciate what they did. if you can. i know i sure as hell do.

Lego rock band, another FAMILY music game, but with lego


Very Easy
Time Spent:
10 Hours or Less
The Bottom Line:


Don't get me wrong I LOVE rock band games but this isn't near as great as the other games just like Band hero the family friendly aspect of the game is over used and what makes it not as amazing as other rock band games

It's rock band so all the same exact gameplay is hear and honestly this should be no surp[rise to me, this is like the 10th rock band game (yes I count the track packs as games) they shouldn't screw it up now, this and ghostbusters which was missing the synth so it wasn't that great of a version.


Really they emphasise the "family" thing a bit too much and the tracklist is a mix of indie crap and some good songs, but over rated songs (P!nk really she shouldn't be in a music game at all) and choosing some artists best songs (I'm really sick of hearing we will rock you and we are the champions, 2 of the most overplayed songs ever have You're my best friend next time) there were only a few good songs (thunder,let's dance)

There's only 45 songs, and since you can't export it or download anything that's all you get, Harmonix is making the same mistake as with the first rock band but since for the other versions all you can import is family freindly stuff again this isn't that much of a loss.

The lego like i just don't like them and what bugs me is that they can't say anything like they can sing but when it comes to talking they just can't do it, and there was too much emphasis on the LEGO part and not enough on the rock band part (lego facts in the loading screens)

This is way too easy I've only played guitar but most songs are really repetetive riffs with hardly any solos at all probably the same for drums, I just found it incredibly bland the hardest song was kung fu fighting and I still managed 2 5 star it due to the terrible rilff over and over agian.

Overall, maybe rent only if you love both lego or rock band or if u just suck ass at these games

Glad I bought this cheap.


Time Spent:
20 to 40 Hours
The Bottom Line:


[This was originally written in Pages]

This game is Rock Band, remixed with LEGOs and make it kid-friendly. Now, I do not own a Xbox or Playstation, so I just bought a Wii version, and what do I find? Music, remixed with bad controls instead. You see, I use a Guitar Hero 6 Guitar controller and it works fine with other Rock Bands, not THIS. I might as well go over the good stuff first.

LEGO Rock Band's setlist is full of popular songs, such as P!nk's "So What," Queen's "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions," Europe's "The Final Countdown," and many more to keep you happy. What about the charts, you ask. The charts are pretty simple is many songs because this game is aimed for kids, unlike the doomed DS version of LEGO Rock Band (Read my review there). Otherwise, I like it. It's fine.

The controls, OH MY GOD, are broken. Now, this must only be on Wii, because I haven't played the Xbox version, but I tried the PS3 version at a store, and that was basically the reason why I bought this one. Every time I want to play a note, I hold the fret and strum, it says I made a mistake. Wut? Then I realize I need to have patience in order to hit the notes. This never was the rule in other Rock Band or Guitar Hero games. You could strum the note early, but not here. What is this, a half finished game that the creators thought "Oh, we should give Wii players a half finished job, let's get to work!"? Now THAT ruins the game entirely. If I can't play the notes, then I don't want to play the game people!

Now, I haven't played the Drums, but what about Vocals? Vocals listens instead on Expert, which impresses me. The other Rock Band vocals gave me a hard time, and I get kind of freaked out when somebody else comes in except my brother. I like singing alone... Anyways, good vocals. Drums, wut? Guitar, very bad. Bass? Umm, it's better, but still bad.

Final Appeal: 4.0/10
If I can't hit the stupid note, then what the heck is the point of playing the entire game? The only instrument I could complete the game on was Expert Vocals. If Harmonix wanted people to waste their money on the Wii version, mission successful.

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