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Another DBZ game where i wonder what could have been


Time Spent:
10 Hours or Less
The Bottom Line:


Of all the DBZ games out there this seems to have the worst combat system ever. Personally I don't see what was so wrong with the old tenkaichi fighting system. The moves and specials were easy to learn and every thing was quick and control. Now this game just over does the fighting system. No longer can u engage in simple free flow combos but every time u land no more 4 hits and you automatically get pulled into some lame ass minigame clash. Is it just too much to ask for a decent dragonball z fighting game really. I have to say the only decent game was the original budokai that came out in 2002. Something has just been missing from every game after that. Budokai had the worst story mode i've ever seen. Budokai 3 was great couldn't really complain too much on it. The first tenkaichi gave us a new way to play can't complain too much on it except for you couldn't transform during a match. Tenkaichi 2 was good. I mean it was a excellent game but it just lacked some of the long waited characters. Tenkaichi 3 had the absolute best combat system out of all the original tenkaichi's, but it had to many minor characters and not enough of the characters people really wanted. I know most people might disagree with me on this but i didn't really like most of the music from that game either. Raging blast wasn't really for me. Raging blast too had a good roster but why were there no GT characters, it just seemed kinda off to leave them out after they've been in four straight games. Now for Ultimate tenkaichi. From first glance i really thought they had something there. graphics were pretty decent looked to have a good roster but again that combat system is horrible and that just ruins the whole game for me i can't even play it anymore. Also we finally get create a character from a dbz game but they found a way to mess that up.

I have admit that this game caught me off guard on how cool it is. Its like the TV show. A MUST BUY for all DBZ fans....


Editors' Choice
Just Right
Time Spent:
10 Hours or Less
The Bottom Line:


After playing this game I have to say that this game is really pulished and great. There are no glitches or issues with the game at all. This is by far the best Dragonball Z out there since the first two. I think that Bandai and the creator of DBZ would be very proud of this game. It ties in perfect with the full story of the beginning of Goku when Planet Vegeta gets blown up by Freeza. Right after that you see the story behind everything. You start the Dragonball Z story. Also when you first start the game you might want to go get the Three-Star Dragon Ball. To get that you have to win the World Tournament. After that, just have fun with it and explore (it will take you a long time to do that mark my words. The cutscenes are great and flawless because they made it look like that you are actually watching the TV show (or you are right there in the middle of things. So in closing, this is a must buy for all you Dragonball Z fans out there and the fighting style is pretty good also. I don't never rate a game a perfect 10 so this is the first to get that.


Prey you don't draw Yahamja in the first round cause it is a pain and fast.

Here is the revolution game from Dragonball Z series, because you can make your own hero then other Dragonball Z games.


Editors' Choice
Just Right
Time Spent:
20 to 40 Hours
The Bottom Line:


Here is the most revolution Dragon ball Z in the marked, because you can make your own hero in the hero mode on the game. The story mode is most perfectly done worked with anime cutscenes. You can battle in two mathods the first method is classic battle like beat 'm up and timing battles against the biggest aliens and great ape (saiyans) that you must fight against.

»The story«
The story goes about the saiyans who must save the world, but the other Aliens want to destroy the earth. So the story starts with Bardock, he fights agains Freeza and after is Bardock destroyed from the Death ball of Freeza, by beated from Freeza is planet vegeta also destroyed. Kakarot is already send it to earth before the planet vegeta is destroyed from Freeza. When he is on planet earth Kakarot hits his head against the tree and grandpa Gohan found him and called him Goku.

Goku has started his own adventure and married with Chi-Chi and made a baby and his name Gohan. Then he visited at the house of master Roshi and shows his boy Gohan the Raditz apaered and kidnapped Gohan. The story goes further until Goku trains Uub then that´s all about the part of story to save the world.

»Hero mode«
The hero mode starts with create your own hero and name it, you can know on other games and Dragon ball Z ultimate tenkaichi is the first game with that system for hore mode. The story of your own hero starts with battle against captain Ginyu. Then after you beat him he gives you the first Dragonball and your training can start by Yamcha. You can learn some moves from other trainers you train by them for new moves and skills to make your status stronger for your own hero, you can also activate the battle skills of the characters that you like and you'll become stronger and stronger. The mission is to collect all the seven Dragon balls, defeat Omega Shenron and save the world from evil saiyans, great ape and aliens.

You can play the game online on the playstation 3 consoles. You can challenge the fighters on the (real) world to battle against them. You can make tournaments and single battles. You have also the ranking matches to score the points and come to top.

The gameplay of the game is in two methods, The first method is classic because it's one on one battle like Dragon ball Z budokai and Dragon ball Z budokai tenkaichi. The other newest method is the timing battle against the biggest aliens and great apes. I have forget one other system is the comment key start system, you must comment on the battle what you must do at the start of the battle with Triangle or Square comment. The super moves you must activated with the right analog stick. You can also counter, block or avade the attack.

Graphics is great and at the first time on the tenkaichi serie on HD graphic quality. character design, landshape and the background is perfect to see. I love it how the Bandai namco has done it on the game.

This game is best in the serie, better then Dragon ball Z budokai tenkaichi, also you can make your own hero and story if you have some great story on your fantasy. Make it on the single battle.

+ Hero mode.
+ Story mode with anime cutscene.
+ Learn move by training at the teachers (hero mode).
+ Become powerfull.
+ Voices.
+ Challence.
+ World tournament still there, yahoo.

- Some timing will not work.
- You can have 3 move slot (2 super and 1 ultimate) each character.


Not as bad as people are saying


Very Easy
Time Spent:
20 to 40 Hours
The Bottom Line:
"All flash, no substance"


Ok, so the game is actually quite bad, the fact that you really don't actually fight anyone, you just get into a combo through button bashing, then just press Triangle or Square and a direction, then rinse and repeat.

Definitely the worst fighting system in Dragon Ball Z Game History

The Hero Mode is actually very fun, and for me saved this game. I enjoyed being able to create your own character then play though a "What-if-World" as "me" Graphically this game is great the characters look amazing and the special attacks are really nice.

Hopefully the next game will not be made by Spike, how they could have gone from the amazing Raging Blast series (best games since Budokai 3 on the PS2) to this is beyond belief

Namco Bandai should bring Dimps back on board!

This game is not worth buying, but worth renting when you got a weekend free

> : (


Very Hard
Time Spent:
10 Hours or Less
The Bottom Line:
"Waste of time"


After years of release after release of the yet popular anime series Dragonball, Z, and GT (There's no AF), There is no end to this. Where's the end of the yellow brick road? Budokai had SOOOO many spin offs. This game was the worst dissapiontment since Dragonball Evolution and Sagas and Burst Limit and and and the gameboy and and PS1 games.

Good- Improved graphics and Hero or Heroin mode.

Bad- The health bar is seriously the most worst idea ever and the most confusing at best. The gameplay is Ka Me Ha Me REPEDITIVE at best. The story is a broken mess of reused diolog and a huge Vietnam name list. Boss battles is HARD to fricken fight and confussing. The combat system is broken and stupid. Hero mode is limited and it's good because of the idea of creating your own DBZ hero, but because of the combat system, side by side or free-roam is not included and that is unforgiving. The camara is just the worst. And to top it, the story and actors feels, Weak.

Times up, guys hear me out, times has past, the other games has the stuff, as the guys upstairs adds on to the games and they keep getting more expensive. But this will be the last of the DBZ games I will buy.
1.0 Worst and Epic Fail. AGAIN!

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